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Adult classes center around personal betterment through training.  Improved flexibility, strength, and energy levels, as well as reduced stress and significant weight loss are all common results for our adult students. Additionally, a knowledge of practical self-defense principles instills confidence leading to greater enjoyment of life.  

Rising Phoenix children's classes are specifically designed for young bodies and minds, reinforcing focus and respect for others while developing coordination  and physical fitness.  Parents of students often notice improvements in self-control and concentration, both great qualities for school and home!  

Teens (10 - 13)

In addition to the advantages

of training for younger students, teens benefit from the self-confidence which accompanies practical self-defense training, as well as tactics to avoid or diffuse confrontation.  At this level, social skills and leadership potential are reinforced through interactive training with other students. 

Children (6 - 9)

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Rising Phoenix Martial Arts

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Adults (14 & up)