You bet!  While our ultimate objective is to guide students on their

path to mental and physical improvement, we also realize that,

especially for younger students, classes should be enjoyable. 


Rising Phoenix keeps the fun in our kid’s classes though

instructor interaction, lesson approach, and incorporating age-appropriate challenges and even games into classes.  Our goal is to have your

kids reminding you that it’s time for class, not the other way around. 

Absolutely!  Studying Rising Phoenix Karate WILL develop your child’s attention span.  Focus is always a hurdle for young students, some more so than others, but focusing on one’s own body, movements, and breathing  and later those around them is central to training.  This attention to focus invariably leads to a broader attention span.

Parents usually have the same concerns when it comes to

their child and martial arts:

Is it safe, will learning Karate make him violent?

Discipline, Respect, Focus, and Perseverance are core

elements of Rising Phoenix training.  

Not by coincidence, these characteristics

are also key elements to success in school

and good behavior at home. 

Yes.  We’ve all heard it a hundred times:  the best way to stop a bully is to stand up

to them.  Martial arts training helps to inspire confidence in children in a way no

other organized activity is able to do.  In a vast majority of instances the confidence

to no longer be a “victim” of bullying is enough to put an end to it.  If not, the

skills to diffuse or disengage taught in Rising Phoenix will allow your child to avoid

a physical confrontation in nearly all instances.  In the very rare case a physical confrontation is unavoidable, the self defense skills your child will acquire 

at Rising Phoenix will allow them to protect themselves against that threat as well. 

 How will it affect her at home and school? 

We hear at least one of these questions with every sign-up, sometimes more!

In Rising Phoenix Junior classes your child will be

introduced to the concepts of Self Discipline, Respect, Focus, 

and Resilience along with learning practical skills to deal

with stress, anxiety, and confrontation. 

What about age?  Isn't 6 too young for these type classes?  

Our classes

prepare kids for a successful future!

Actually, quite the opposite; all traditional martial art training is based upon codes of Honor, Respect, Discipline, and Self Control.  At Rising Phoenix, a student’s path is about perfecting their body, mind, and character.  The self defense aspect of martial art study, though often the most (or only) focused upon aspect, is actually just the vehicle a martial artist uses to sharpen their mental and physical self.  Students almost universally become calmer and less likely to turn to violence as their training progresses. 

My child isn't very coordinated... Can she still participate? 

He is all OVER the place! 

Can these classes get him focused on one task? 

 My child has a bully at school (or elsewhere), will this help?

I don't want him to feel like he is in boot camp, are these classes any fun? 

WHAAAAAT???  No way!  Martial arts are one of the few sports where both

boys and girls can train together on an even footing. 

Over the years, Rising Phoenix has had a large amount of girls

in our classes, and in many classes they have outnumbered the boys.

Looking at martial arts in general, girls are always found among

the most proficient students and often dominate many of the local,

regional and national competitions each year. 

I need something for her to be active and excited about. 

Why Martial Arts over other organized sports? 

Although there are many great lessons to be learned from organized team sports, most models favor the more physically developed players while alienating those

less advanced or naturally athletic.  At Rising Phoenix we don’t have benches. 

Naturally, some student’s skills develop more quickly or easily than others,

but each student is ultimately on their own path of training parallel to, rather

than in competition with, their fellow students.  Healthy competition is

encouraged through sparring and other activities with emphasis placed on sportsmanship, integrity, and honor.  It’s in this environment that a

student is allowed to showcase the results of their efforts,

learning how to both win and lose among the encouragement of their peers.

Not at all!  At Rising Phoenix Martial Arts classes are divided by age

along with skill level.  This means we are able to teach with an

age-appropriate approach.  Naturally, our 6 year old students

will not be learning the same thing or in the same manner as our

teen or adult students, but 6 is a perfect time to begin developing

the physical coordination and fitness as well as the mental discipline

and respect that will serve them well for a lifetime.

Certainly!  Actually there are countless studies that show the benefits of martial arts training in developing balance and physical coordination, especially in young students.  Every student begins with differing

levels of strength, balance, and coordination.  In fact, in the initial

stages of training, nearly all students feel uncoordinated and “goofy” as they learn to move and stand in ways they have likely never done before.  However, with time and practice coordination and balance develop

almost as a by-product of training. 

But... isn't karate really just a boy's 'thing'?